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About Us





     In 2013, before the organization was formalized, Councilwoman Tina Vick, along with a group

of volunteers, began a full-day camp for impoverished girls ages 13 to 18. The inaugural group

of 100 young ladies, who were recruited through the public housing complexes in downtown

Newport News and with the Achievable Dreams Public Schools, participated in workshops that

included topics such as the value of staying in school, goal-setting and good decision making,

pregnancy prevention, importance of high self-esteem, and the elimination of alcohol and drugs.

For many of the girls, the Girls Camp was their first time attending an all-day camp with

relatable information, lunch and personal journals for reflection on their goals, thoughts and

lessons learned. After the camp, the girls continued to gather and meet with their mentors on a

quarterly basis and a holiday social was held.

The initial day-camp in 2013 was deemed a success after hearing many positive comments from

the attendees, and the mentors and speakers, as well as the parents of the girls and other

community leaders. Due to the success of Girls Camp, Women's Empowerment Development,

Incorporated was organized in 2015 in the educational category as a nonprofit, 501 (c3), for the

purposes of holding girls and women’s workshops and other classes in the community to inform,

encourage and empower girls and women in Virginia.


Girls Camp, which is under the umbrella of Womens Empowerment Development Inc.,

provides prevention/intervention for 13-18 year old girls. The Girls Camp model brings

awareness to girls and young women that they can control their own destiny. Volunteers follow

up with each girl with quarterly phone calls and visits.


The mission of Girls Camp is to implement and execute workshops for girls and women to

prepare them to make healthy decisions to live a better life. The goal is to work with girls and

women across the state of Virginia in impoverished communities to prepare them for adulthood

and to have a community of women who are educated, employed and self-sufficient. These

goals will be accomplished through the values of love, determination, hard work, and a

dedication for a better life.

The speakers at this unique camp are all volunteers who are successful women who grew up in

public housing complexes and/or low income family neighborhoods in Newport News. These

speakers/mentors were purposefully chosen to provide an opportunity for the young girls to meet

women from their neighborhood, who believed in education, jobs and job training and goal

setting to succeed. It also models the reality,that no matter what your situation, with hard work

and dedication, success is inevitable.

Girls Camp, now in its 9th year, meaning that many of the girls who attended the early Camps

are in college, have successful careers, and are leaders in the community in which they live. We

look forward to inviting them back to be mentors and speakers to a new group of young ladies.





We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

Our Vision

To have more girls who are better prepared for adulthood.  To have women who are educated, employed and self-sufficient.  To use community and private sessions and Girls Camps to educate and motivate girls 12-18.

Our Values

Love, determination, hard work, and dedication for a better life.

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